We all know that negotiations favor the prepared mind. Unfortunately, most of us don't have time to prepare, don't know what elements of the negotiation to focus on or simply don't know where to begin. Let zopaf focus you on the most important parts of the negotiation.


With zopaf's Negotiation Map you can see if you are about to strike a bad deal, if you are leaving money on the table or how close you are to striking a great deal.


Zopaf helps negotiators see things they couldn't see before with the help of: modeling techniques, linear optimization, machine learning and big data. Use this power to get an edge with a superior strategy.

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We've all asked ourselve the same question during or after a negotiation: Can I do better? The answer is YES. People leave 5-15% of the value of the negotiation on the table. This value is lost to both parties for ever. Let zopaf help you capture some of this unrealized value.

Get the upper hand,
no matter what the scenario is.

Boost your negotiation skills

Zopaf's approach is based off of techniques taught at the best Ivy League MBA programs. Let zopaf get you to the head of the class and give you the confidence to go against the best.

See how others approach their negotiations

Leverage the power of the crowd to figure out how to appraoch the negotiation. What are others negotiating? What do they find most important? What benchmarks are they using?


What-if analysis anywhere

Take zopaf with you on the go to run what-if scenarios anywhere. Want to discreetly run what-if scenarios at the negotiation table? Done.


Negotiations vary in size and complexity. Luckily, it's a breeze to customize zopaf to fit your particular needs.

Our Team

Obsessed with helping professionals get more from their negotiations with powerful tools

Ramon Andino

CEO, Founder

Gowtham Tangirala

Data Scientist

What our partners say

"My customers love the added confidence they get from using zopaf. They feel like they can go against the very best."
Alisha Moss
VM3 Consulting Corporation
"zopaf brings traditional negotiations concepts to life like nothing I've seen before. It also advances the line of negotiation science by bringing things like linear optimization and machine learning to negotiations."
Jeanette Nyden
Author and Consultant
"My students love learning how to negotiate using zopaf. They can eneter the professional world armed with an important skill and tool."
Daniel Wong
Portland State University


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Andinian Inc.'s flagship product zopaf, brings the world a set of skills and tools that few people had access to until now. Our mission is to help the world see and capture the value that is left on the table - making it more prosperous, one negotiation at a time.

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